November TLC Bestselling box (sample size)

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Nowadays, there are so many cosmetic products on the market. So hard to choose the right one that will work for your hair type and skin.

We totally get you! That’s why Beautify by Chana offers you samples, so you would feel, touch, and smell the product before buying regular size.

Especially for our new clients ,we collected the bestsellers of the month in one box!

This month TLC Sample Size Bestselling Box includes 4 items:

• Miracle Growth Stimulator Hair Oil (1 oz)
• Feed The Hair Follicles • Stimulate The Follicles To maximize Hair Growth & Thickness • Strengthening The Hair Strands.

• Hair Growth & Scalp Soothing Balm (2 oz)
Fights hair loss, promote health hair , helps keep the scalp healthy, Fights dandruff and keeping it shiny.

• Shine on Hair Mist Leave-In Spray (4 oz)
Prevents hair loss , promotes hair growth, deeply moisturizes dry hair to help alleviate dryness and breakage.

• VitaGrow Hair Gummies (dosage for 30 days).
Our VitaGrow gummies work to naturally to help promote stronger, longer, thicker hair from the inside out , and yes The are Vegan .

All you need for gorgeous hair and a healthy scalp!

And if you’ve already tried and fallen in love with our products, it's convenient to use the samples while traveling.

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