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Luscious locks regime -Miracle growth hair-care with extra love! (4oz)

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This bundle included Shampoo , Conditioner, Treatment &and oil.

Everyone deserves long, beautiful, and healthy hair. Your genes determine your hair type, but the growth and health of your hair are in your hands. Make sure you don’t forget the simple’ 1,2,3 Miracle!’ formula to achieve the hair you always desired! Don’t know what’s that? We have broken down the complicated hair care routine of celebrities into four simple steps.
All you need is this Miracle Growth range of 100% organic hair care product. 1,2,3 ,4. Miracle! The formula goes like this-
1. Use Miracle Growth Organic Oil.
You can use this oil as Hot Oil treatment and also massage it on the scalp regularly. A massage in a circular motion will take away all your stress and nourish your hair deeply.

2. Wash hair with Miracle Growth Shampoo.
Lather up your scalp and hair with the clear and creamy foam of Miracle Growth Shampoo and wash away dirt, oil, and built-up from hair products.

3. Apply Miracle Growth Conditioner on your wet hair.
Focus on mid-length and the tips of your hair. Apply the creamy and moisturizing Miracle Growth Conditioner on your freshly washed hair. Conceal hair strands, prevent split ends, and protect your hair from sun and pollution. Enhance the beauty of your hair and shine on!
4.We highly recommend this step for locking in all the nourishment your hair has just received. ‘Reviving & Strengthening Deep Treatment’ is your spa-at-home and one-stop solution to intense damage. This conditioner is best applied on freshly washed hair, put on your shower cap, and get ready to get revived!

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Rose C.

Omg I am crying in tears 😭 one think that I love is having beautiful natural hair and I wasn’t born with it and I finally can say that this product will allow me to have it 🥰🥰🥰

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